Gayane Yerkanyan


Gayane Yerkanyan is as Product Designer and Typographic Artist, currently living and working in Amsterdam. Her work often involves decontextualising Armenian letters to offer new visual and symbolic meanings.







Gayane represents Armenian typography and its mutations as a metaphor for the individual in an increasingly globalised world. The artist draws parallels between the decontextualised letter and the displaced individual, where new contexts provide new opportunities for interpretation. Her process is obsessive: working within strict limitations of form and colour to create infinite variations and “errors” as she calls them. Like the sequence of letters forming our genetic code, one small alteration can translate to new forms of life.


In its mutant form, the deconstructed letter is freed from the limitations of its function as a tool for communication. For the Armenian-illiterate audience, this feeling is accentuated as barriers of translation become doorways to aesthetic formal exploration. For the Armenian reader, the distortions can be perceived as a Dadaist assault, of sorts, a dismantling of traditional and even sacred cultural assumptions.


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